9/12 and 10/10 – More Writing Workshops in Queens!


Beauty In Her Own Words continues with free writing workshops in Queens – this time at the Queens Public Library, Woodside branch. These workshops are a follow-up to our initial gathering on August 15, and will take place: Sept 12 (Friday) and Oct. 10 (Friday), from 5-7pm. 

On August 15 – those who came committed to sharing their writing to the group 1 week ahead of the Sept. 12 session so that we can offer feedback and critique. On the Sept. and Oct. dates, we will also be looking at examples of writing about beauty salon workers or related issues, and again share challenges and experiences we had in interviewing, writing and translation. 

I am hoping that all interested participants will let me know that they would like to come so that we can make sure we have enough room and copies of materials. Please email sukjong33@gmail.com if you are interested in participating! 



August 15: A Gathering of Writers in Jackson Heights


How central to our lives, and yet how trivialized and dismissed, is the work of beauty. From 9am to 9pm, six to seven days a week, the economy of beauty churns in Queens, powered by immigrant women and men straightening and curling and highlighting hair, laying out designs on nails, threading a customer’s eyebrows into perfect arches.

This Friday, August 15, 5-7pm – I am facilitating a gathering of writers at Queens Pride House, in Jackson Heights, to share writing and to talk about processes of writing from life and interviews. 

Whether through personal essays or through other creative non-fiction or poetic approaches, all writing approaches are welcomed. This meeting will be a space to share inspiration from other projects and to meet each other. Those who have begun writing or would like to share a piece of their writing are welcome to.

Queens Pride House is located at 76-11 37th Ave, 2nd floor #206, off the 74th St. Roosevelt Avenue subway station.